Knowledge Pixels

building the ecosystem of semantic-born knowledge

Knowledge Pixels is a tech company that aims to kick-start the next revolution in scientific publishing and knowledge sharing.

We are a team of two co-founders and friends:

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Short Intro

We provide software and services that make it possible to publish scientific findings in a way that is machine interpretable, open, decentralized and in full accordance with the FAIR Principles. With nanopublications as our core technology, we are taking the first steps towards our vision of the knowledge space to make the use of research results radically more efficient and effective.

Our first milestone will be to develop a nanopublication-based journal environment and to test it in production with researchers, editors and publishers. Starting in January 2023, we will be running four pilot projects in cooperation with journals from our partners IOS Press and Pensoft.

Knowledge Pixels AG
Zeughausstrasse 31
8004 Zurich