Nanopub Demo

Video for this demo

This demo gives you a quick hands-on introduction into nanopublications via the Nanodash interface.

Just follow the four steps below.

1. Establish your identity with ORCID

You will need an ORCID account for this hands-on demo.

Register, if you don’t have one already.

2. Publish a piece of open data with Nanodash

Publish one or more nanopublications from these templates:

You can find more templates here.

3. Check out published nanopublications

All nanopublications are published to a decentralized network of services.

We can access this knowledge with queries like these:

4. Introduce yourself and be approved by community

To properly introduce yourself, you can publish an introduction via your Nanodash profile page.

Somebody on the list of approved users can now approve your introduction.