## Nanopublishing at Knowledge Pixels Talk at UCDS group meeting **by Tobias Kuhn** Amsterdam/Zurich, 8 March 2023 these slides: [https://knowledgepixels.com/slides/ucds-20230308.html](https://knowledgepixels.com/slides/ucds-20230308.html)
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Yay, I have co-founded a start-up 🥳


### ... that means: - less teaching, supervision, etc. - in general fewer meetings (for now...) - much more coding and technical work - legal and admin work (mostly by the other co-founder) - we still need a business plan... 😁

Vision: Knowledge Space

Knowledge Space overview


### First Steps - two smaller scientific publishers as **investors** (... who are also our prototypical future customers) - we provide them with **services** to attach nanopublications to the articles of their journals - starting with **pilots** on four journals in the coming weeks - getting more funding later this year, hopefully

Nanobench is now called

Nanodash is a web tool to browse and publish nanopublications with (relatively) user-friendly web forms.

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### Pilots - **Journals:** Data Science, RIO Journal, FAIR Connect, Biodiversity Data Journal - **Connector page** on Nanodash where users publish nanopublications - **Shallow integration** at first (copying nanopublication links to submission system) - **Goals:** get first experience / users / evaluation results
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